Monday, January 19


owww..yeah like i said before in the previous post i'm indeed very lucky to have a friend who appreciate my mind,my self, my things , or my world. coz that is what this blog is all about. okeh..this one comes all the way from California The OC they said..huhuh thanx to Nadia Nor i'm honored to have this...erm..kena buat ucapan jugak ker??hahah..tak yah la kan...anyway...seperti apa yang aku dah buat untuk award di atas jugak, i have to do the same bout this award too. are the person i wud like to give/award this soo call award..huuu..
  1. filzahani
  2. aishah zainuddin
  3. nadia nor
  4. noorfuzieanna
  5. ayunni
  6. syafina
  7. linda

okeh..kenapa saya pilih mereka ni adalah....huhuhu 1)mereka antara yang baca blog sy
2)mereka antara orang2 yang rajin hatar testi FS kat saya...(walopun kekadang tak berbalas)
3) believe it or not, each one of them have a very unique special little things that connects me to them..huhuh..saya blom bgtahu lagi mereka2 ni...later kalo anda terbaca neh and nama anda believe that i sincerely appreciate the friendship that we've been sharing trhu all these wonderful and beautiful u all!!!! mmuah!

Thursday, January 15


ok first off all lemme get this straight..hohoho...aku yang jaaaraang nak update blog and jarang online ni pon telah di beri anugerah oleh kwan2 aku yang sangat2 considerate(i supoose??) huhu thanx to them....i'm very honoured, indeed to receive this awards...and this 1st one came from my lovely, cute little (not so..) friend.. Noraishah Zainuddin .. ok..there's the term and condition i have to follows if i got this award... 1st i have to link this award back to the one who gave it to me at the first place, then i have to link this award to 7 lucky people...and lastly i have to tell the person who gave me this award at the 1st place that i've been sending this to another are the 7 and very random lucky person who'll be receiving this award ;
  1. Yasmin
  2. Damia
  3. Syikin
  4. Cik Ayu
  5. Siti
  6. Ami
  7. Faizal

ok..some of this person may not know that i've been giving them this award...but i just want to know that i really appriciate them thru my entire life...they've been there for me altough at some point i've been an unthougtful friend who forget them...huuu...this is my confession...and a very big thanx to them!!!