Wednesday, August 13

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tengah2 takde ide dan bosan memang best layan benda2 marilah...

Why do you think survey-writers always want to know your name?
.because they want to get to noe us better

Don't you wish they'd be more creative?
.i do..

Is your hair greasy?
. it get greasy after a day i shampoo it .in other words i have to wash it everday.and i'm fine with it..huhu

Do you like the smell of Bengay?
. what the heck is that??

Do you like Dr. Pepper?
. u mean...lada putih??suke..

Do you play your music really loud?
.i indeed did..

Do you sleep with the light on still?
.not too much..

Do you like onions?
.depend on what food.

Have you ever put hair dye in your friends' shampoo?
.i wish i'd get a chance to do so

Are you going to do that now that I gave you the idea?

Don't you think that's kind of cruel?
.yeah..but its still fun..huhuh

How often do you buy cheap scented candles?

Are you for or against hunting?
.for what??

Do you hate it when surveys ask really personal questions?
.nop..u can always lie..hahahahahahahahahaha

Is the weatherman in your city annoying?
.kenal pon tak...

Are you an underdog?
.i wish i could be underdog is always surprising just look at Turkey and Russia how they
made it to quarter final of uero 2008 recently ..

Name one thing kids do that you can't stand:
. nagging...

Do you have a nice job?
.now???of course not..

Do you know how to harmonize while singing?
.u wish..!

Do you know how to braid hair?
.i'm quite goood at this..

Do you have a short attention span?
.ummm...nop..i hate it when ppl talk tome while i was in the middle of sumthing or when i'm watching...i really do..

What's your favorite fruit scent?

Have you ever shaved a Barbie doll's head?
.u gave me the idea..sounds fun tho..hahahaha

Doesn't that sound like fun?
.yup i just said it..

What's on your desktop background?
it's a movee(coffee prince) snapshot actually..i reaallyyy adore this scene..huu chuahee..mani....

What's your best friend's middle name?
.binti..hahaha sape suh tanya..

Do you need goggles to see underwater?
.what is it to u???(jawapan org yang tak puas hati..)

Name the next movie you plan on seeing:
.susuk,im not single,the dark knight,21 blablabla..

Have you met your "special someone" yet?
.yes i've met him and already lost him mwahahaha.

Don't you think questions about your love life are stupid?
.nop!of course not..i somehow like it..huhuhu

Are you a pyromaniac?
.i dont noe what this is then i google it..this is what wikipedia said
'Pyromania is an impulse to deliberately start fires to relieve tension and typically includes gratification or relief afterward'
and i think i'm not.

How many languages can you speak fluently?
.fluently..1 jer...rojak...1 ngaahahahaha

Why don't most nursery rhymes make sense?
.make sense ape..aku suke...

What's your favorite sea creature?
.i hesitate to answer this..after giving some brilliant tought i think its Spongebob
ahahahaha..he live with me..i thik that's why..

Isn't it annoying when PpL cHaT lYk dIs?
.its not annoying but, i'm incredibly wonder how they do it....huhuhu

How many people are blocked from your myspace?
.i dont have one!

Myspace is overrated, isn't it?

Why did men of earlier times think wearing tights was cool?
. ya..i wonder too..but now they wear it too. i think we shud ask men of this time...

Do you like hillbillies?
.i honestly dunno who/what is that.sorry.

This is the last question, aren't you sad?
.what is wrong with u??(to this survey-writer)

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