Friday, July 18

my very first own tag

what is your favorite flower?

who inspires you the most?
-ma Precious Mother and no one else!

what will makes you laugh right away?
-funny things of course!

what is your favourite band right now?

if you are going to form a music band,what will you name your band?
-i dont know (idk) is it possible??hahaha

what is your favourite bedtime story?
-i never had a bedtime story..huuuu...

in what field do you think you have most passion?
-soo little passion in soo many things..=)

what is the most precious things you had rite now??
-precious Mother.lap top.i/

what is favourite alphabet?
-A definitely A for Akmar and for many other things too..

name one of ur 'future daugther n son name'..daa....
-khadijah n amer..insyALLAH

how frequent do you change your desktop/laptop background?
-frequently..huhuhu...sometimes not less than an hour..

what is your wpm?(words per minutes)in typing..
-never check!

in talking??
-this one quite membanggakan..hehe

do u sing well?
-aaa....eemm...urmmm..what is it again???

akedemi fantasia or bintang RTM??
-you wish!

complete this sentence,now i know....
-now i know that i'm hungry!

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