Wednesday, October 22

i'm baaaccckk!!!!(finally)

huh..penat! membersihkan sume sawang dan spider web yang dah bersarang sejak aku mengabaikan blog ini.huhuhu anyway,kepada sesiapa yang menuggu2 update (as if...) blog aku ni here i's been 2 months or so since i've unintentionally abondoned my lurvely and my only one place to express all the things inside me.yeah..unintentionally is the perfect word,since i do have intention to update it's just that i dont have the right time when there's a chance to use the line(internet i mean..), or there's not a chance to use them while i have plenty of time and sometimes i just dont have the gut to write anything when both the time and the line are perfect.huh..and for today i still hesitate on what to write (not that i have so much in mind tho) cuma tak tau mana yang lebih utama..anyway,maybe i'll start with the sad sad sad none oher than saddy maddy story(well at least for me)...details on the next post okie???

now u happy that i'm back eh?huhu i know Yoo.i'm happy tooo

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