Saturday, March 27

i want a dragon as a pet!

...or maybe i've already got one? G-DRAGON??? heeeeee i didn't mean a human kind of dragon! I want a real one! After watching how Hiccup train his! And yes, Hiccup is a boy. The name, like his father said was supposed to fright the dragon away! Huhuhu. I would name my boy Burp then! Anyway, the story was AWE-FREAKIN-SOME! Hiccup had train a Night Fury type a of dragon. In Berk, (And yes, it's the name of the Island they live in) there are so many type of dragon existed. I'm not going to do a recap or synopsis here. Go watch it for your self if you are that curious. An please! Watch it in 3D version. I didn't get to see the 3D version though. Haih~~It's really a pity i'm telling you! After watching Alice In Wonderland in 3D i pledge to myself that i'm going to watch all the 3D movies that are available!And oh yes! The name of Hiccup's dragon was priceless = 'Toothless' huhuh isn't it too cute and adorable for a soaring dragon??

rrawwwr!!! or should i just satisfied with this Gwon Dragon then???

p/s ; oh uh, btw the movie i've been talking about is "How to Train Your Dragon" ^^,

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