Friday, April 2

for some strange reason..

i just loveeeee paparazzi picture of celeb in airport. please be informed when i mentioned 'celeb' i only refer to one kind of celeb. i mean only one group of celeb, or whatever u call it. which is from K-pop heeee. and by mentioning K-pop also u shud've already know that i will only mention my boys. which is.. u dont know that too! stop reading this please and just leave! lol. kidding! ^^, here what i got in my collection.

ow yes! that is definitely a Givenchy. wondering who's the lucky woman to have that bag! he's not going to wear that right?? huhu

baby ri~~~ not trying hard to hide his face!!^^,

this is a hard worker yet still get spotted! notice something other than LV's sneaker?? yup! that Beat!! huhu

so laid back!!

okay. maybe i was bias! i love GD who can stop me?^^, to V.I.Ps who reading this. just wait till i get my hands on the rest of the members airport photo will ya??

photo credit; GD style, V.I.P


<3felish said...

hey, youre indo!! youre the first indo i "met" who likes bigbang!! gilaaaaaa.

norakmaratan said...

hey Felish! i'm a Malay la... hehe what???? srsly? the 1st one? i have many indo frens who love BB in FB! lol..