Monday, April 26

The reasons to love Kang Dae Sung

He used to be my source of happiness in Family Outing. He is still the source of my happiness now, but never got to see him again in FO! i miss his moment! T____T

See that bulging arm? lol! even tough it seems in this pic he's not using it well!

He works really hard to be in that spot.

He loves Doraemon that's how he gets Doradae nickname ^^,
He collects all Doraemon collectibles from chopstick to hp strap.

He sings very well. In fact he stars in many musicals. Cat is one of them.

He sings trot the best! Look At me Gwisoon was my favorite.

He may seem awkward with his lil bro Seungri. But he loves him despite all.

He's all smiley on the outside, inside he sometimes hide his tears.
Polite one, respects his hyungs and all his sunbaes.
He's the source of comedy when he's around.
He get around with people very well.
He's a real nice lad.
That's him.

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