Monday, April 26

it started today!

uhm. The first one just ended to be exact. Politics And Economics for IT. Ugh! how i wish i had more time! Its just that the idea is there but u needed just more time to write it down. It's not like i'm certain that it is the right answer, but still. But that is history now, whether it's going to be epic or not, lets wait! Oh no, let just let it go! huhuhu! 5 more to go Semoga di beri kekuatan & kesihatan InsyALLAH!!

// lately, i'm sooooooooo bothered by the braggers! not lately, selalu je senanya. tapi aku wat tak tau je dulu2. but as today feel like puking at their attitude. i'm not jealous am i? or i am?? but then this bothered-ness only happen to some ppls and some stuff. let them be. that is what freedom of speech all about! hehe I guess Mr Sidi taught us well on that topic in Politic!! Thank You Sir!!! (Hat Tip) ^^,

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